About Us

Kevin Rieseneder and Manuel Prammer have combined forces to bring your ideas to life with their new filming and production company - Crisp And Juicy.


The two have been best friends since 2004 when they met in high school with a focus on pop music. They moved on to the same media technology university and inevitably began working on their first projects together. The friendship and work combination really suited this dynamic duo.


After graduation, the two went their separate ways business wise. Manuel joined a company based in Vienna, Austria, Illuminati Films, working on major projects for well known companies. Kevin, on the other hand, started his own company, but the two still collaborated quite often. It was always “the plan” that they would someday work together.


Now the two have finally opened their first office on Freinberg in Linz, Austria: Crisp & Juicy was born.


Now offering concepts for videos and campaigns, pre- and post-production…basically everything you need from the brainstorming phase to completion.


Together the two boast working on projects with adidas, Red Bull, Brau Union Österreich, Runtastic, VKB-Bank, Energie AG, Liwest, Waterdrop, Löffler, BMW, Möbelix, Salinen Austria, Airfield, Hartjes and many more...


Contact Crisp & Juicy today to bring your ideas and campaign to life.