Solomon Islands

by Crisp & Juicy· Oktober 17, 2018· in · 0 comments
The Solomon islands are an untouched very remote paradise within the south pacific. An expedition with Australian freediver and underwater filmmaker Scott Wilson brought us to the Marovo Lagoon, the biggest saltwater lagoon on earth. Living without electricity in the middle of the rainforest was quite an adventure. Catching fish with spearguns, freediving and exploring the local commune was our daily business. The coral reef is still flourishing there, having encounters with sharks, manta rays and dolphins on a daily basis. The footage was captured over 3 weeks during our trip. Our homebase was Driftwood lodge, based in the beautiful village Kavolavata. Matt Woodfield, an Australian landscaper, was responsible for accommodation and guided us through this magical place.   Camera, Drone and underwater footage by Scott Wilson and Kevin Rieseneder
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