The Overthrow Series | Trailer

Juni 16, 2017 · Commercial

“Women Need A Breakthrough and i think we’re doing it!”

Alicia Napoleon

The Overthrow Series is a Runtastic Results campaign that celebrates women who are breaking boundaries in their respective sports. The campaign features three fierce female athletes: boxer Alicia Napoleon, runner Jessie Zapo and basketball player Niki Avery. These women are redefining what it means to train like a girl. The campaign slogan, “Women need a breakthrough,” speaks to the efforts of women around the world who are pushing past obstacles in the athletic world. Launching on March 8, International Women’s Day, The Overthrow Series highlights the female athlete as an activist who fights for equality and respect.

Production: Crisp & Juicy
Concept/Idea: Chris Thaller, Powermalu, Kevin Rieseneder

Music: Powermalu feat. LeeLee Haxi