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Waterdrop - Kokopiña

Waterdrop approached us to produce online spots for their new campaign featuring the flavor Kokopina. Kokopina promises the taste of summer: sun, beach, coconut, pineapple, and mango. The direction became clear quickly, and we were able to derive the color palette from the packaging design. Thanks to our network of musicians, we found the perfect track: “Panini” by the artist rossvanboss ( captured the exact feeling we wanted to convey. We discovered an excellent filming destination in Mauritius that met our requirements, was in almost the same time zone, and was well-equipped for filming. On-site, a service production team assisted us with casting, location scouting, and crew management. As a result, various social media spots of varying lengths were created. The client is satisfied, and so are we, as filming abroad continually presents challenges that require thorough planning and communication.
Crisp & Juicy | Identical Pictures Mauritius
Kevin Rieseneder | Manuel Prammer
Post Production
Crisp & Juicy
Music | Sound Design
rossvanboss | Peter Kreuzer

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